eduGAIN is a cross-federal service that connects research and education federations all over the world. it provides secure exchange of information regarding identity, authentication and authorization between participating federations. The service is managed by a team led by GÈANT Assocation. In the framework of this global initiative in education, Rash in cooperation with GEANT (the Gigabit European Academic Network) provides Albania with the service of eduID Albania. EduID Albania provides reliable information exchange between Service Providers and Research and Education Institutions or other Identity Providers. Through eduID Albania, there is easier access to a wide range of content, services and resources, in interest of international co-operation in the field of education and research. It provides access to all online services of universities around the world, to fullfil the needs of students, researchers, professors, minimizing the number of accounts and SP (Service Providers) to be used, with less cost, complexity and security risks. With a single login the student may have access to the e-learning systems at multiple universities.