Secretary Office and Students

ESSE-3 provides the necessary functionalities at the backoffice of the administration, as well as end users (students, lecturers etc.) in order to manage the entire academic cycle of the student: such as enrollment in course syllabus, evaluation up to graduation, as well as transfers from one university to another. 

Below are some of the key ESSE-3 functionalities:

  •   Didactic Area
  1. Academic structure
  2. Student Career Management
  3. Exams and Graduation
  • Administrative area
  1. Acceptance and Registration
  2. Examen 
  3. Management of Entry and Exit Students
  • Fees
  1. Tariff Management
  2. Scholarships
  3. Financial Periods
  • Graduation
  1. State exams
  2. Specialisation Schools
  3. Doctorate
  4. internships