IRIS aims to provide universities with control of the entire lifecycle of research and a single information base for optimizing funds management. These are the most important points and the main benefits:

Research Management, Assesment

IRIS Research creates a single deposit that covers all final research outputs (publications, patents, products, etc.). Moreover, U-GOV Research allows the university to manage in a quick and efficient way the evaluation of these research products. Each University can configure itself a number of features: evaluation criteria for any type of research, auto evaluation, report, and analysis.

Project Management 

IRIS provides a uniform management of all active projects at the university, both operational and financial. It provides the basis for rationalisation and use of resources, optimisation of project management, validation and evaluation of results and acquired knowledge.

Research Asset Management

In addition to research products, IRIS manages information about projects, activities, professors, researchers, groups, publications, scientific fields, equipment, laboratories, and tools. Thanks to this centralised archive, the University knows at any time and in detail which units are included in a current project.