The University of Medicine, Tirana (UMT) is the major public teaching center for undergraduate and postgraduate education in medical sciences in the Republic of Albania, offering the most professional expertise in didactics, scientific research and  preparation of specialists of all fields of medicine .

The University of Medicine, Tirana is an important part of the country's scientific, intellectual and cultural history. This Institution of Higher Public Education, though created three years ago, carries a very valuable 64-year tradition that has originated with the creation of Higher Education in the Republic of Albania with the establishment of the High Institute of Medicine in 1952, who in 1957 formed the Faculty of Medicine. The contribution and experience of bright figures of Albanian medical science such as Prof. Fejzi Hoxha, Prof. Nikola Dushniku, Prof. Llambi Ziçishti, Prof. Ferdinand Paparisto, Prof. Petrit Selenica, Prof. dr. Petro Cani, Prof. Petrit Gaçja, Prof. Pirro Goda, Prof. Ylli Popa, Prof. Pellumb Bitri, Prof. Selaudin Bekteshi, Prof. Koço Gliozheni, Prof. Besim Elezi, Prof. Bajram Preza, Prof. dr. Kristo Pano, and many others, who have laid the foundations of this University.


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