Nowadays, the University of Tirana is the largest public university in the country. It is the first choice for high school graduates. It consists of 6 faculties after the leaving in January 2013 of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Medical Sciences (formerly the Faculty of Nursing). At the University of Tirana, about 40,000 students study in the three full-time and part-time study cycles.

One of the goals of the University of Tirana was his international recognition. This dream is already a reality with its involvement as a partner institution in several European Commission cooperation programs such as Tempus, Erasmus Mundus Action 2, IPA specifically: JoinEU-SEE, Basileus, Pacinno, Eureka, Tempus Interface. From JoinEU-SEE and Basileus mobility projects have benefited all UT structures, students, academic and administrative staff.



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