Future Talent Programme


Jan. 23, 2024

GLAD, together with GÉANT NREN partners, offer programmes that facilitate engagement with students and career-seeking professionals. These programmes exist to introduce a future generation of talents to the GÉANT community and vice versa.

The Future Talent Programme (FTP) includes training in developing public speaking and presentation skills, as well as providing opportunities to engage with experts across a variety of industry sectors.

Future Talent Programme 2024 Lightning Talk Challenge
The Future Talent Programme's Lightning Talk Challenge (FTP24) offers students and young professionals a fantastic opportunity to present their project or idea to an international audience at GÉANT's annual TNC conference. Nominated by GÉANT project partners, participants will receive professional training to help them master presentation skills, and deliver an impactful presentation.

FTP24 challenges participants to present their research or idea as a 5-minute "Lightning Talk" at TNC24, which will be held from 10 - 14 June 2024 in Rennes, France. Participants whose proposals are selected by the TNC Programme Committee ('FTP finalists') will be invited to participate at TNC24, with their travel fees paid*.

*Participation in the TNC Lightning Talk Programme will be in accordance with TNC's rules and formats.
*Aplication deadline 1/2/2024