Assembly of Members

The Members Assembly is RASH’s highest policy making governing body. Representatives of member Universities and the Minister for Education, Sport and Youth meet at least twice per year. The Minister for Education and Research is the Chair of the Assembly, the Chaiman of RASH's Board of Governance Dr. Arjan Xhelaj is also part of the Assembly.


Ministry of Education and Sports

Mrs. Evis Kushi (Phd)

University of Tirana

Rector. Prof.Dr. Artan Hoxha

Polytechnic University of Tirana

Rector Prof.Dr. Andrea Maliqari

University of Medicine, Tiranë

Rector Prof.Dr. Arben Gjata

Agricultural University of Tirana

Rector Prof.Dr. Fatbardh Sallaku

"Aleksandër Moisiu" University, Durrës

Rector Prof.Dr. Kseanela Sotirofski

"Luig Gurakuqi" University, Shkodër

Rector Prof.Dr. Suzana Golemi

"Aleksandër Xhuvani" University, Elbasan

Rector Prof.Dr. Skënder Topi

"Ismail Qemali" University, Vlorë

Rector Prof.Dr. Roland Zisi

"Fan S. Noli" University, Korçë

Rector Prof.Dr. Dhimitër Bello

"Eqerem Çabej" University, Gjirokaster

Rector Prof.Dr. Bektash Mema

Arts University of Tirana

Rector Prof. Kastriot Çaushi

Sports University of Tirana

Rector Prof.Dr. Agron Kasa