NI4OS - Europe

As part of the EOSC-5b projects supporting EOSC governance, the National Open Science Infrastructure Europe (NI4OS-Europe) focuses on the South East European area to foster collaboration with key stakeholders and initiators, at national and regional level, aiming at strengthening the coordination of activities, achieving effective communication and harmonizing EOSC compliant practices, both at the technical / operational level (FAIR data, service interaction, etc.) and at a strategic level (RDM). and Open Science policies, sustainability, etc.).
In developing those National Open Science National initiatives, NI4OS-Europe will work closely with projects that have demonstrated experience in areas it intends to tackle, such as the OpenAIRE National Open Access Desks (NOADs), the National Research Alliance (RDA)), National Network Infrastructures (NGI) and other EOSC-oriented projects.