ANIX (Albanian Neutral Internet eXchange) is the first neutral Internet exchange point, non-for-profit in Albania. National ISPs come to ANIX to interconnect their networks, improving their speed, bandwidth, and security of their data. The Internet Point of Exchange (IXP) is a physical infrastructure through which Internet service providers (ISPs) and CDN (Content Delivery Networks) exchange Internet traffic, this reduce the ISP's share of traffic, which should be delivered through their upstream transit providers, thus reducing the average cost of bit allocation for their service. Direct connectivity, often located in the same city as the two networks, avoids the need for data to travel to other cities (potentially on other continents) to get from one network to another, thus reducing the delay. The advantages of direct connectivity are many, but the main ones are cost, latency and bandwidth.

 Active members:

  • Albanian ISP/company/organisations:
    • Rrjeti Akademik Shqiptar, Abcom, Abissnet, Selcom, Starnet, Tring, ATU, Albanian Neutral Internet eXchange,
  • International ISP/company/organisations:
    • NaMeX (IT), Packet Clearing House (US), Facebook (US), Hurrican Electrics (US).