The U-CRIS platform is the database of Albanian universities for storing scientific publications, doctorates, CVs of research staff, research projects, etc. The platform is based on the DSPACE-CRIS architecture which has been adapted according to EUROCRIS and CERIF specifications. The platform is linked to important search databases such as PubMed, Scopus, Web of Knowledge (WoS), Google Scholar and ORCID. U-CRIS also enables connection to European open Aire search databases. The U-CRIS platform will also be linked to the ACRIS national platform envisaged for the classification of HEIs in the field of scientific research.

The “U-CRIS” platform is the research database and includes:

  • Scientific magazines;

  • Scientific publications;

  • Research infrastructures;

  • Research and innovation projects;

  • Master's and PhD theses;

  • University research CV / academic staff; ETC.





Contact: support@rash.al